Vaulta to develop products with Canadian battery makers

Brisbane battery casing technology company Battery Graphene Corp, also known as Vaulta, is to develop new battery products with three Canadian companies specialising in high performance lithium ion batteries.

Vaulta has signed a memorandum of understanding with Braille Energy Systems, Focus Graphite and Grafoid to conduct market analysis on co-developed projects.

Braille produces batteries used in performance vehicles including Australian V8 supercars and US IndyCars.

Vaulta’s Dominic Spooner has developed battery casing technology that reduces the number of parts used to make a battery from more than 20 to a ‘few’, cutting manufacturing costs.

Spooner said these vehicles were capable of up to 500 kmh.

“The lightness of our innovative casings, combined with their strength and thermal and electrical conductive properties, will be a real asset in these batteries.

“Importantly, our casings are also designed to be more reusable and to reduce waste.”

Vaulta’s battery casings, made from a blend of graphene and polymer, will be tested in drag racng cars as a proof of concept.

With Braille batteries already used by major motor racing teams, the partners are looking to penetrate into a wider range of parket segments that require light weight, high-performing energy systems.

Grafoid is a graphene research, development and investment company, while Focus Graphite is an exploration company which plans to produce flake graphite.

Picture: Vaulta

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