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VEEM launches superyacht propellers

Manufacturing News

Marine systems manufacturer VEEM has launched a range of innovative propellers (pictured) designed for the luxury superyacht market.

The Perth company, best known for its vessel stabiliser systems, has added its patented Interceptor technology which allows users to quickly change the relative pitch of the propellers.

The technology is already used in other VEEM propellers.

Previously, the only way of modifying the effective pitch of a propeller was to lift the boat, take the propellers off and make manual adjustments to the blades.

With the new system the propellers feature interceptor strips, which can be replaced by a diver with the boat still in the water.

The first VEEM Superyacht series propeller has a 48 inch diameter, 35 inch pitch and 130 per cent blade area and will be installed on a new 121 foot superyacht.

Picture: VEEM Ltd

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