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Victoria University gets $1.5 million in funding for new machinery

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The federal government has announced $1.5 million in funding for Victoria University’s Sunshine campus as part of the TAFE Technology Fund.

According to a statement from skills minister Brendan O’Connor on Tuesday, the funding to the dual-sector provider will be used for “cutting-edge machines to support the establishment of the Western Melbourne Precinct for Advanced Manufacturing Training” and is part of the $21.8 million Tranche 2 of the TAFE Technology Fund.

The fund’s two tranches will allocate $50 million in upgrades to things such as laboratories, workshops, simulated learning environments, and equipment.

O’Connor said that $8.6 million will be spent in Victoria through the TAFE Technology Fund.

“The TAFE Technology Fund targets campus infrastructure so that TAFEs in Victoria are equipped to deliver training to the standards expected by industry and students,” O’Connor said.

“VU is clearly doing a lot of things right in the skills and training sector and this funding will help them skill more manufacturing workers for a future made in Australia,” said Fraser MP Dr Daniel Mulino.

Picture: credit Victoria University

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