Visualising the AI revolution – infographic

Science fiction didn’t do a great job in preparing us for our first real encounters with AI.

Rather than a walking, thinking C-3PO from the movies, the current iteration of AI is quite different.

With modern AI, all the “thinking” gets done in the cloud, and the algorithms are not tied to the identity of a physical machine like we would have expected from the big screen.

The modern iteration of AI works silently in the background without a face, and it’s starting to impact everything it touches. It’s also set to transform our economy at warp speed.

Today’s infographic from TechJury covers the brief history of AI, the industries that will be affected, as well as some key AI statistics.

Artificial intelligence is here and it’s transforming our economy.

One estimate by PwC puts the global impact of AI at $15.7 trillion by 2030, which will mean big change for almost every industry.

The following stats will give you an indication of how the AI revolution is already shaping the future of business thinking:

#The number of AI startups has increased 14x since the year 2000

# 15% of enterprises in 2018 already use AI, but 31% more will come on board in the next 12 months

# 72% of executives see AI as being the most significant future business advantage

# 41% of consumers believe AI will improve their lives in some way

So while the AI revolution is not led by the identifiable face of a friendly (or antagonistic) robot in a physical form, experts agree that impact of AI on business will be profound.

Infographic: Visual Capitalist

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