Water challenge opens for agri supply chain problem solvers

The Bridge Hub Water Challenge 2020 is open to researchers, startups and students looking to commercialise water-saving ideas.

The challenge, launched this week, is focussed on solving “water problems in the agri supply chain,” and is open to Australian, New Zealand and Israeli participants.
“We’re proud to support the 2020 Bridge Hub Water Challenge as a way to identify and accelerate the development of new water strategies that will help to build our resilience to future droughts,” said Graham Bonnett,  Research Director of Agriculture and Food at CSIRO, which is sponsoring the event’s research stream.
Craig Shapiro, co-founder of Bridge Hub, said commercialisation was as much about scaling and impact as it was financial return, and that this was a perfect time to think about the role of private investment, collaboration and commercialisation.
“Our researchers are outstanding but we haven’t always done as well as some other nations in commercialising our great research,”
said Shapiro.
“Right now, universities face the challenge of how they might continue to deliver solid research in a very changed global environment.”
Within the Australian research, startup and student categories there are top prizes of $25,000, $5,000 and $1,000. Conditions and other information can be seen here and at the video below. According to the BHWC, the total prize pool is $250,000 in cash and investment.
Entries are open until August 7. Winners will be announced on September 14.
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