Weipa centre joins venture for space launches


The developer of an orbital space launch centre near Weipa in Northern Queensland, Space Centre Australia has formed a joint venture which will see an air-launch capability operate to provide low earth orbit (LEO) access to space.

Space Centre Australia and the Orbit Boy launch system developer have formed their Asia Pacific Launch joint venture company to provide cost effective, fast, reliable, and safe LEO access to space with a unique air dropped horizontal launch system (pictured).

Asia Pacific Launch will provide customers with autonomous access to Low Earth Orbit with up to 200kg per launch including ride share and multiple payload configuration options.

Asia Pacific Launch will also provide exciting opportunities for manufacturing, employment, research and development and acceleration of economic growth within Australia’s space industry and manufacturing sectors.

Orbit Boy’s Co-Founder Volodymyr Usov said: “This collaboration between two great companies will bring a totally new capability and mechanism for launch to LEO to the Asia Pacific region and provide much needed access to the rapidly growing LEO launch sector in Australia and Asia Pacific.”

This joint venture was developed with the assistance of the United Kingdom Department for Business & Trade with additional support and facilitation through the Australia/United Kingdom Space Bridge.

Space Centre Australia’s CEO James Palmer said ‘we will soon see access to space become more unified, more affordable, and more readily available for payload owners…from Australia’.

“Additionally, our Joint Venture will add a complementary capability offering to Space Centre Australia’s operations in the LEO market.”

This Joint Venture Asia Pacific Launch comprises of a multinational team of industry experts from UK, Ukraine and Australia.

Picture: Orbit Boy

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