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Weld Australia launches two free safety training courses

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Weld Australia will launch of two free online welder safety training courses in April: one for welders, and the second for welding engineers and supervisors.

In a statement on Thursday, Weld Australia’s CEO Geoff Crittenden said that welding is a potentially dangerous process, undertaken across a wide range of locations and situations, and each has its different controls for safety.

“It is critical to manage these risks and hazards so that people working in the welding industry are kept safe and return home at the end of each day without injury,” he said.

“To this end, Weld Australia is pleased to announce the launch of two free online welder safety training courses. Our objective with these courses is to improve safety awareness, knowledge and outcomes right throughout Australia’s welding industry,” said Crittenden.

Courses cover subject material across welding processes, provide details of hazards that may be encountered and how to manage them, and discuss the hierarchy of controls, “with a particular focus on engineering controls and the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE).”

The two courses will be officially launched on April 9 at 11 am (AEST.)

More information is available at this link.

Picture: credit Weld Australia

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