What are we talking about when we talk about Australian brands?

There can be a certain pride in saying this or that manufacturing company is Australian, and to acknowledge their achievements and their creation of value at home.

But what value do we ourselves place on a product or company being Australian, and what are we even talking about when we say that? 

Does the company in question assemble here? Do they use only local inputs? Do they use local knowhow to create intellectual property and R&D jobs as part of a chain that extends internationally, with a finished product made overseas? Are they Australian purely by brand, based on a logo we associate with home? Are they little more than a warehouse and local sales outpost? Are they owned by Australians? Headquartered here?

Where do you draw the line personally when it comes to an Australian or non-Australian brand? Do you have a personal “purity test”?  

@AuManufacturing and Hardman Communications are trying to get an idea of the value that Australians place on Australian companies, how they define them, and why that matters.

If you’re interested in contributing to our effort, please take part in a short, sharp survey at the link. 

We’re excited to be able to get a picture of current attitudes, and if Covid-19 might have had an influence on them.

We’re grateful to anybody who takes a couple of minutes to complete our survey. Please see it here.

Picture: PA Labels

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