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Whitebark goes geothermal to produce hydrogen

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Whitebark Energy has entered the hydrogen development field announcing plans to utilise geothermal energy to power the electrolysis of water to create green hydrogen.

The company told investors that hydrogen, produced through electrolysis powered by renewable sources, stands out as a versatile and sustainable fuel with the potential to revolutionise transportation, industry, and energy storage.

According to an announcement: “Inland Australia, endowed with abundant geothermal energy resources and existing oil and gas wells which are end of commercial life, presents a unique opportunity to establish a hydrogen highway fuelled by hydrogen derived from geothermal power.”

Whitebark’s strategy for developing hydrogen from a geothermal energy source and supporting the creation of a ‘Hydrogen Highway’ through inland Australia is in line with recent federal government Budget announcements including $6.7 Billion in Hydrogen Production incentives.

Whitebark General Manager Adam Stepanoff said: “I am excited to announce a significant milestone in the Company’s history, with commencement of a formal commercial assessment of hydrogen deployment utilising the company’s uniquely positioned asset base.

“Hydrogen energy development in Australia represents a dynamic frontier in the nation’s pursuit of sustainable energy solutions and Whitebark’s…asset location and production characteristics are perfectly placed to position Whitebark as a leader in geothermal and Hydrogen production.”

Whitebark is progressing two opportunities:

  • The EPG2049 Geothermal Resource Assessment and Development proposal which will leverage existing Cooper Basin production fields and well infrastructure and introduce technologies to optimise geothermal energy extraction
  • And the company recently acquired South-East Queensland geothermal Exploration Permit EPG2037.

According to Whitebark: “Whitebark‘s immediate focus is to undertake a geothermal resource assessment of the EPG2049 area and complete a Basis of Design for feasibility to build and commission a scaleable, commercial hydrogen project.

“The area is ideally located to produce hydrogen for deployment along the Warrego highway from Roma to Mt Isa, with additional access to freight options for further markets.”

Whitebark plans to establish state-of-the-art electrolysis facilities powered by geothermal energy to produce hydrogen and facilitate the distribution of hydrogen across inland Australia.

Stepanoff said: “As advancements in government support, technology and exploration continue to progress, Australia’s Hydrogen landscape offers an attractive pathway to reducing emissions while diversify the energy mix, bolster energy security and deliver shareholder value.”

Picture: Whitebark Energy/seismic studies

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