Wine exports hit another record in 2018

Australian wine exports hit all time highs in 2018 with both volumes and value rising as Asian consumers take to the local product.

According to new figures from Wine Australia, exports rose 10 per cent in value to $2.82 billion free on board (FOB) and five per cent in volume to 850 million litres.

Most importantly the value of bottled wine shipments increased by seven per cent to $2.24 billion and decreased in volume by 3 per cent to 361 million litres.

“This saw the average value of bottled wine grow by 10 per cent to a record $6.20 per litre FOB.”

Another record was the value of exports above $10 per litre, which grew by 22 per cent to $895 million.

This confirms that Australian made wine is continuing to move upmarket, shedding its cask wine past and focussing on the likes of Penfolds Grange which currently sells for $779 a bottle.

Andreas Clark, CEO Wine Australia said: “These figures demonstrate strong international demand and they highlight how Australian wine exporters have worked diligently to develop and maintain international markets.

“‘This demand translated into growth in almost all price segments.”

Graph: Wine Australia

Picture: CSIRO

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