Woodside Hydrogen Refueller @H2Perth project awarded $10 million grant

The Western Australian government has announced $10 million in matched funding for Woodside Energy’s proposed Hydrogen Refueller project at its H2Perth site at the company’s Rockingham Industry Zone, aiming to establish a renewable hydrogen production, storage and refuelling facility.

The “Hydrogen Refueller @H2Perth” project will support the use of hydrogen-fuelled vehicles by Woodside collaborators BGC and Centurion. BGC will purchase and operate five to ten hydrogen fuel cell concrete agitator trucks, with Centurion to purchase and operate two hydrogen prime movers. 

“Through its collaboration with BGC and Centurion, Woodside Energy will help lay the groundwork for the use of hydrogen vehicles in the heavy transport industry – in WA and beyond,” said the state’s hydrogen minister, Alannah MacTiernan, in a statement on Wednesday. 

“The development of a hydrogen fuelled transport system supports the WA Government’s commitment to transition Western Australia to net zero emissions by 2050, and the creation of new sustainable jobs in a growing industry.”

Woodside Energy also has plans to lease and refuel two Hyundai Nexo vehicles at the site. 

The company expects to initially produce 235 kilograms of hydrogen per day, potentially scaling up to a target of 800 kilograms, enough to supply more than 50 vehicles. Woodside plans t0 generate this via a 2 megawatt electrolyser, using renewable energy from the South West Interconnected System.

Image credit Getty Images/iStockphoto

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