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World’s tallest timber building approved in Perth

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What is claimed to be the world’s tallest hybrid timber building has been approved for a site on the Swan River at South Perth, surpassing other hybrid timber buildings under construction across the country.

Designed by Fraser and Partners, the C6 tower – named after the symbol for the element carbon – will be 51 storeys and located at a site at Charles Street, South Perth adjacent to a proposed new railway station and existing ferry wharf.

The $350 million, 183 metre building is planned to be three metres taller than technology company Atlassian’s hybrid timber tower being built near Central Station in Sydney designed by Shop Architects and BVN.

A claimed world’s tallest hotel designed by Cox Architects being built on Adelaide’s Victoria Square by Thrive Construct is 31 levels or 100 metres tall.

The Founder of Grange Development James Dibble said: “C6 is the tallest hybrid mass timber high-rise in the world.

“All the timber in C6 will be regrown in just 2 hours and 29 minutes from one region alone. You cant grow concrete, C6 is the future of sustainable cities.”

Currently occupied by commercial and residential buildings, the development obtained development approval from the Joint Development Assesment Panel of the City of South Perth.

The city initially rejected the development as not showing ‘design excellence’, however this was overidden
by the assessment panel.

The building is to be built from 7,400 cubic metres of cross-laminated timber, glue laminated timber and laminated veneer lumber.

Picture: Grange Development

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