X-Frame raises capital for circular economy timber construction

Australian innovation incubators and circular economy groups are behind a successful first capital raising by New Zealand company X-Frame which aims to bring circular economy thinking to lightweight timber building construction.

Adelaide technology incubator Innovyz and the state-government backed Green Industries South Australia were instrumental in raising $485,000 for the start-up.

Green Industries ran a circular economy focused commercialisation program in 2020, with the cash raised through Innovyz Circular Economy investors.

X-Frame is a modern, lightweight timber frame construction system that achieves circularity, uses 25 per cent less material than standard timber wall framing, is carbon negative and rapidly recoverable.

Constructed from CNC (computer numerical control) machined plywood, the X-Frame system has 12 core components that when interlocked, form a structural self-braced frame.

X-Frame panels click together with a rubber mallet for rapid assembly.

The system was developed by Ged Finch at Victoria University in Wellington and commercialised in conjunction with Innovyz, KiwiNet and Wellington UniVentures.

X-Frame general manager Carsten Dethlefsen: “Our initial focus has been on developing design tools, building and testing, forming strategic partnerships, and developing online platforms.

“Funds raised will be utilized to further develop X-Frame’s product suite and the online platform needed to take these products to market..

It is anticipated that following this capital raise, X-Frame will be cash flow positive within 12 months.

Pictures: X-Frame

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