xReality Group in defence, law enforcement virtual reality training


xReality Group is making waves in defence and law enforcement circles with its Operator XR range of virtual reality mission training systems.

The company announced that it had sold multiple of its Operator XR Virtual Reality Training Systems to an Australian state government customer it did not name, presumably in law enforcement.

The sale, worth $809,600, combined with continued momentum in the month of June to new US law enforcement customers saw a 75 percent increase in xReality’s Operator XR subsidiary’s annual sales to $2.21 million.

The system allows military personnel and law enforcement officers to train operational tactics and procedures within a portable, immersive virtual reality environment.

According to the company: “Complimenting existing training methods, the virtual reality system allows end users to train more often, leading to increased preparedness across a broad range of scenarios centred on de-escalation tactics, use of force decision making, and operational procedures.”

xReality Group operates a sales office in Alexandria, Virginia which has been successful in penetrating US training markets for law enforcement.

Its products are also under evaluation by the Australian Department of Defence which is trialing the company’s OP-1 Tactical Rehearsal System.

According to an announcement: “The system will be used by the Australian Army and initially provided to deployed units to maintain military skills, using Operator XR’s immersive VR simulation platform, OP-1.”

XRG CEO Wayne Jones said of the latest sale: “Building off the recent success with the Australian Defence Force, we are excited to be broadening our user base across other agencies in Australia.”

Picture: xReality Group

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