XTEK Receives Defence Orders for SUAS Systems


Defence systems and composites manufacturer XTEK has received a purchase order for $2.75 million from Australia’s Department of Defence for Wasp Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) systems (pictured).

The new order adds to other orders, also recently received from defence, for SUAS spare parts and related specialist software, worth a combined value of $4.94 million.

The products, to be delivered through FY2022 and FY2023, will be held in the company’s SUAS repair facility in Canberra.

Associated specialist software, including Xtek’s XTatlas software, will be deployed to key locations around the country, and be used to keep the UAV capability operational for defence.

Xtek’s Group CEO Scott Basham said: “This new order from Defence totalling $2.75m for new Wasp systems, in combination with $2.19 million of other SUAS orders recently received for spare parts and related specialist software licences – including XTEK’s own Australian-made XTatlas software – are provided as part of the ongoing Support Contract we have with defence for the Land 129 Phase 4A project.”

Picture: Xtek/SUAS

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