Zip launches new and improved HydroTap

Leading water appliance manufacturer Zip Water has launched new models of its HydroTap hot, cold and sparkling water kitchen taps.

The Sydney company announced HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus models, as well as a new to market cleaning process for all Zip HydroTap systems at the point of installation.

Zip Water optimised the currently available models based on customer feedback, to deliver what the company called ‘an even better sparkling water experience’.

Managing Director ANZ Mike Abbott said: “As we mark our 75th anniversary this year, we continue to innovate – we want everyone who uses a Zip HydroTap to experience water at its best.

“We’ve listened to our customers and the changes we’ve made to these models will ensure that every sparkling water experience delivers on that promise.”

The new HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus models deliver improved sparkling water functionality through an addition of aerators and upgraded hoses.

“For smoother installation and operation, hidden away from view are connecting hoses that are now kink-resistant and colour-coded.

“HydroTap Arc Plus and Cube Plus have also undergone a cosmetic update, adding designer touches such as a flared spout and wider base, further cementing Zip Water’s reputation for design excellence.”

Zip Water is one of Australia’s largest appliance manufacturers, virtually pioneering the hot and cold taps which are widely used in domestic kitchens, workplace tea rooms and restaurants worldwide.

Abbott said the new cleaning process, HydroTap Clean, cleaned the Zip units at installation, overseen by the company’s service technicians.

“This gives our customers firsthand insight into the quality we deliver at every step of the HydroTap manufacturing and installation.”

Cleaning is produced by electrochemically activated water that acts like a detergent. It is non-corrosive and gently cleans the chilled and sparkling internal water paths.

Picture: Zip Water

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