Zip water a part of bigger international water group

Australian boiling water appliance manufacturer Zip Water has emerged as a key unit in a major international water business following the merger of water products groups Culligan and Waterlogic.

The Sydney manufacturer pioneered the development of hot, cold and sparkling underbench water units before being taken over by Culligan, which has now merged with Waterlogic.

Australian executive Garry Habel (pictured) has been appointed Managing Director, Waterlogic Australia
following the completion of the transaction to bring Culligan and Waterlogic together globally.

He will be reporting to John Doumani, President Culligan APAC and Zip International.

In Australia, Waterlogic and Zip Water will operate as separate divisions with each company continuing to offer its brands and products to its customers.

Waterlogic is a global designer, manufacturer, distributor and service provider of purified drinking water dispensers including the Purezza brand.

Zip Water is famous for its award-winning Hyrdotap benchtop water dispensers used extensively in factories, commercial offices and domestic homes.

Doumani said: “With our combined capability, no one knows water like we do.

“Garry Habel…has more than 15 years in the water business and has been responsible for the continued growth and success of the commercial side of the Zip Water business.”

Habel has previously been Commercial Director for Zip Water and Waterlogic Australia and prior to that had senior roles with Cool Clear Water Group, Balmain Brewing Company and Neverfail Spring Water.

Picture: Garry Habel

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