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Zoetis buys site to increase veterinary vaccine production

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Animal health company Zoetis has bought a 21-acre manufacturing site in Melbourne to significantly expand its operations and increase capabilities to manufacture vaccines for sheep, cattle, dogs, cats and horses.

The company which produces 130 million doses of vaccines for companion animals and livestock in Australia each year, said the expansion would support development of vaccines, medicines and diagnostic tools to keep animals healthy and productive.

The CEO of Zoetis Kristin Peck said the livestock sector was critical for Australia turning over $67 billion annually and employing 428,000 people.

Peck said: “Australia’s livestock sector is highly regarded around the world, and Zoetis is proud to help the region’s livestock farmers be part of a climate solution as they increase productivity, health and welfare outcomes that can have a positive impact on the planet.”

Zoetis has been operating at its Parkville, Melbourne site since 2004, adding a second production site with its acquisition of veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer Jurox in 2022.

At Parkville Zoetis manufactures the Ultravac, Pestigard and Vibrovax cattle vaccines, the Glanvac, GlanEry and Scabigard sheep vaccines, and Equivac horse vaccines, along with vaccines for dogs, cats and pigs.

Senior Vice President and Zoetis’ ANZ lead Lance Williams said: “Recent years have shown us the importance of local manufacturing, and our expanded footprint in Melbourne signals our commitment to Australian farmers and veterinarians.

“We’re pleased to play an important role in supporting a healthy livestock sector in Australia, and helping Australian producers remain productive and profitable.”

With this investment Zoetis’ footprint at the Parkville site will grow 5-times as it expands operations over the years ahead.

Zoetis employs 426 people and sold $484 million of products in Australia in 2023, an increase of 17 percent over the previous year.

Picture: Zoetis

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