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1414 Degrees demonstrates storage and discharge of industrial process heat

Manufacturing News

1414 Degrees has announced the completion of the demonstration phase of its $6 million SiBox thermal energy storage project ready for commercialisation.

The company, which is developing the SiBox technology in partnership with Woodside Energy Technologies, said the system had delivered continuous process heat at levels needed for industrial use.

It defined a cycle of operation as charging to full capacity, holding it for a defined period and discharging completely whilst maintaining a constant setpoint output temperature – for example 700°C for 15 hours.

SiBox stores energy utilising its proprietary silicon-based storage technology – SiBrick.

1414 Degrees’ Chief Technology Officer Dr. Mahesh Venkataraman said SiBox used silicon’s high energy density to offer significant storage and output capacity within a minimal footprint.

Dr. Venkataraman said: “Our 1 MWh SiBox Demonstration Module has not only proven the technology’s durability and reliability but also its scalability to commercial dimensions.

“Efficient SiBox units, with modules up to 100MWh, will benefit from our team’s experience in constructing and operating the patented 6 MWh TESS-IND and GAS-TESS systems.”

1414 Degrees said the demonstration, which is supported by the federal government’s Modern Manufacturing initiative, delivered flexible heat output rates with consistent temperature, meeting a variety of industrial requirements.

It also brought the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the technology from 4 to 7 in preparation for commercial operations.

The Executive Chairman of 1414 Degrees Dr. Kevin Moriarty said the company would relocate to the Tonsley Innovation District in Adelaide where it would test low-cost versions of SiBrick for mass production.

The company would also construct a dual column pyrolysis reactor utilising molten metal heated to over 850°C by SiBox technology.

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Picture: 1414 Degrees/SiBox

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