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15 manufacturers awarded $7.16 million in Commercialisation Fund grants

Manufacturing News

Federal grants of up to $1 million each and worth $7.16 million in total have been announced, supporting 15 manufacturing businesses through the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre’s Commercialisation Fund. 

The second and third tranches of Commercialisation Fund grants follow the first tranche announced last month.

The $7.16 million worth of grants made public on Tuesday are matched by an industry contribution of $17.95 million. All projects are led by companies from the six National Manufacturing Priority sectors. 

Projects range from manufacturing of lithium ion battery cells to brain injury diagnosis devices to x-ray machines. (A full list is reproduced below)

“Australia’s manufacturing industry is ready to get to work. Manufacturers and their financial commitment to these AMGC projects are demonstrating their enthusiasm and willingness to do their bit to grow the Australian workforce and economy,” said AMGC managing director Dr Jens Goennemann in a statement.

“These projects also demonstrate the multiplier effect of manufacturing, not just in terms of industry committing significant funds, but also in the fact that for every direct manufacturing role 3.6 complimentary jobs are created elsewhere in the economy.”

Picture: Additive Assurance’s quality assurance system (supplied)

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Commercialisation Fund tranche two and three grant winners:

  •       Nedstack Australia (NSW) – Clean Energy – Commercial prototype development of Australia’s first utility-scale PEM fuel cell leveraging Australian supply chain in collaboration with LAVO. Total project commitment $3.56million ($825,000 grant funds)


  •       Seeley International (SA) – Clean Energy – Accelerated design and development of an Australian-based manufacturing line for an ultra-high efficiency roof top Heating Ventilation and Cooling Unit (HVAC). Total project commitment $2.64million ($1.0million grant funds)


  •       Energy Renaissance (NSW) – Clean Energy – Support for process, technology and workforce skills at pilot manufacturing facility for lithium-ion batteries to prepare for full facility deployment. Total project commitment $1.48million ($525,072 grant funds)


  •       ActionLaser (NSW) – Recycling – Funding to establish an Australian manufacturing capability of filters used in recycling of polymers, replacing current imported products. Total project commitment $1.3million ($558,500 grant funds)


  •       Empower Energy (NSW) – Clean Energy – Deliver Australia’s first cost-effective solar-storage product designed for Australian climate, remoteness, bushfire risk, and coastal living conditions. Total project commitment $1.24million ($487,500 grant funds)


  •       Micro-X (SA) – Medical – Development of ultralight mobile x-ray trolley system for use in outdoor clinical or veterinary settings. Total project commitment $1.17million ($525,072 grant funds)


  •       Additive Assurance (VIC) – Defence – Commercialisation of a new quality assurance system for powder bed fusion additive manufacturing. Total project commitment $1.1million ($546,000 grant funds)


  •       Rapid Phenotyping (NSW) – Food and Beverage – Commercialisation of a hand-held device to measure the protein content of grains, to assist with determining quality of raw materials in grain supply chains, for example high-protein or low gluten grains for food production. Total project commitment $1.0million ($500,938 grant funds)


  •       HeadsafeIP (NSW) – Medical – Manufacturing of Nurochek: a fast, portable medical device providing objective assessment of brain injuries. Total project commitment $895,000 ($447,500 grant funds)


  •       carbonTRACK (VIC) – Clean Energy – Development and commercialisation of mass market Smart Gateway (cellular & Wi-Fi device) to monitor and control renewable energy assets and electronic devices. Product maximises energy efficiency while minimising costs and CO2 emissions and supports virtual power plants, virtual energy networks and energy trading. Total project commitment $877,000 ($428,500 grant funds)


  •       Hydrogen Technology Holdings (QLD) – Food and Beverage – Develop a commercial-ready hydrogenated water infusion machine to prolong lifespan, health, and commercial value of wild caught and commercially farmed Finfish. Total project commitment $787,198 ($371,599 grant funds)


  •       ZellaDC (WA) – Resource Technology & Critical Minerals Processing – Development of a next-generation micro Data Centre, using new lightweight, fire retardant materials to deliver design, scalability and energy efficiency gains. The program will also replace materials currently imported into Australia. Total project commitment $813,100 ($406,550 grant funds)


  •       SBN Technology (VIC) – Medical – Development and commercialisation of AxIT Rehab, a medical-grade  strength assessment system specifically for rehabilitation. Total project commitment $528,000 ($239,000 grant funds)


  •       Bestie Kitchen (NSW) – Food and Beverage – Commercialisation and launch of nutraceutical gummy chews for cats and dogs, supported by holistic health and wellness app. Total project commitment $344,850 ($149,925 grant funds)


  •       Pryde Fabrication (QLD) – Recycling – Establish a manufacturing facility to manufacture bus shelter ‘J poles’ from recycled plastic, currently made from steel, to reduce corrosion issues and maintenance costs, while addressing plastic waste. Total project commitment $200,000 ($100,000 grant funds)

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