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Resuwood to soon begin “growing trees in a machine”

Manufacturing News

Belgian company Resuwood has shown off its Australian developed robotic machine production line that processes forest waste into solid wood that looks and acts like genuine hardwood.

Conceived by Australian company 3RT and developed for manufacture by Melbourne’s Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions (BAMS), the production line has reached a new milestone, according to Resuwood.

Resuwood said on social media: “Our partnership with 3RT and Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions (BAMS) succeeded in building our cutting-edge industrial production line ahead of schedule.

“Soon we’ll start growing trees in a machine – the perfect match between innovation and timber tradition.”

Resuwood was founded by the van Hoorebeke family, active in wood import for eight generations, in collaboration with 3RT Technology.

“We contribute to preserving the planet by providing engineered sustainable wood solutions, in support of the global climate challenges.

“Our working method allows us to optimise the use of wood resources exponentially.”

3Rt was founded by a former Managing Director of the World Economic Forum and senior executive of a number of European businesses, Peter Torreele, who noted the waste of wood working in China.

He turned to scientists from Flinders University in Adelaide and Henkel Adhesives to develop ways to convert low-value juvenile logs in a single machine into logs with the properties of 100 year old timber.

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