Additive Assurance announces new product for larger AM machines


Additive manufacturing quality assurance business Additive Assurance has announced a new version of its process monitoring solution, suiting larger-format laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF) machines.

According to a statement from the company on Wednesday, its new AMiRIS-LF system is tailored to machines with a build area of 400 millimetres or larger and “has a focus on aerospace, defence and energy applications.”

Additive Assurance uses spectral sensors – located outside a machine looking into its chamber – applying machine learning to data from these to detect defects as a part is being made. 

The technique is an alternative to CT scans, performed after a print is finished to check the structural integrity of parts. 

Its original product, AMiRIS, was introduced in 2021. 

The company added that, in addition to the new AMiRIS-LF, they have broadened the reach of their standard AMiRIS solution to support eight different L-PBF machine types. 

Marten Jurg, co-founder and CEO of Additive Assurance, said that, “AMiRIS LF is a reflection of our commitment to innovation and quality in additive manufacturing, taking us a step closer to our mission of creating a universal quality assurance solution that works seamlessly across different machine brands.” 

The news follows last week’s opening by the company of its Centre of Excellence for metal additive manufacturing quality at their Oakleigh facility in Victoria, Australia.

The company said the new centre “represents a significant investment for Additive Assurance, and it is expected to be a hub of innovation and collaboration in the field of metal additive manufacturing”.

Additive Assurance was founded by Jurg with his former PhD supervisor at Monash University, Associate Professor Andrey Molotnikov, in 2019.

In December last year it announced a $4.1 million funding round, led by Significant Capital Ventures (SCV.)

The company was named one of Australia’s 50 most innovative manufacturers in July this year. 

Picture: credit Additive Assurance

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