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Adelaide University gets $38m to train nuclear power specialists

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The University of Adelaide has received a federal government commitment to fund the training of hundreds more domestic undergraduate students to join the nuclear-related defence workforce of the future.

Under the Federal Government’s Nuclear-Powered Submarines (NPS) programme the university has been allocated of $38,634,835 between 2024 and 2030 to deliver an additional 700 Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) in STEM disciplines.

The University of Adelaide received by far the largest number of places allocated to any university under this announcement.

Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Høj said: “This is a massive endorsement of the University’s capability to support the Australian Government’s plans to become a nuclear-powered defence-force under the AUKUS program.

“The University will lead developments in defence-related education as well as invest in research and research infrastructure to support the training of the best and brightest minds.”

A total of 4,001 CSPs have been supported nationally under this program with 1,030 allocated to South Australia.

The Commonwealth and South Australian Government will also be funding schemes that will support eligible students to take up these new opportunities.

These schemes include degree apprenticeships and scholarships, announced recently as part of the South Australian Defence Industry Workforce and Skills Action Plan.

Under the AUKUS trilateral security pact announced in September 2021 the US and the UK will assist Australia in building nuclear-powered submarines at Osborne Naval Shipyard, South Australia.

Picture: University of Adelaide

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