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AICRAFT to provide edge data processing unit destined for Korean space project

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Onboard computing systems maker AICRAFT has announced a contract with European imaging company Scanway Space to deliver a module to be integrated into a space optical payload for detecting methane plumes.

In a short statement on Tuesday morning (Australian time), the South Australian company said it would supply an edge computing module to partner Scanway, to be integrated directly into an optical payload. The payload will process “visible, near-infrared and short-wave infrared data” for methane plume detection while in orbit.

Scanway is developing the system for South Korea’s NARA Space Technology as part of the NarSha project. 

The value of the contract for AICRAFT was not shared.

“We are extremely excited about our partnership with Scanway Space, and this project is the first outcome of our collaboration,” said CEO Dr Tony Scoleri.  

“We look forward to contributing to the climate change remediation in the Asia-Pacific region and globally.” 

The company added that its “precise cloud coverage estimation and fast compression algorithms… for optimal data downlink” will also feature on the project.

Scanway Space specialises in optical instruments for small satellites and is a division of Poland-based Scanway S.A.

The device from AICRAFT will be “a tailored version” of its flagship data handling unit, Pulsar. According to the company, Pulsar features “complementary high-speed interfaces for the particular imagers and NARA Space Technology’s satellite bus.” 

AICRAFT recently featured in @AuManufacturing’s Australia’s 50 Most Innovative Manufacturers list for 2024.

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