AML3D accesses Australian defence market with 3D printed components


Metal 3D printer manufacturer AML3D has signed a contract with the Australian Government Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) to provide components for testing in defence marine applications.

The $240,000 contract requires AML3D to 3D metal print two representative marine components using a Nickel Aluminium Bronze (NAB) alloy and high strength duplex steel alloy.

Manufacturing of the test components will begin immediately at AML3D’s facility in Adelaide for delivery during FY24.

AML3D CEO Sean Ebert said: “AML3D’s WAM (Wire Arc Manufacturing) manufactured NAB and duplex steel has passed multiple rounds of marine defence testing in the US and here at home.

“This gives us confidence we will meet the DSTG requirements, creating opportunities for significant new contracts.”

The contract follows the company diversifying into additional global defence markets, to complement its strong US growth.

The company’s US ‘Scale up’ strategy secured close to $12 million of contracts in CY2023, with a focus on supporting the US Navy’s submarine industrial base.

Ebert said: “AML3D demonstrating the value of our advanced WAM technology for Australian marine defence applications aligns with strategic objective of continuing to expand into defence markets that display the same strong demand signals underpinning our US success.”

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Picture: AML3D

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