US Navy parts to be made using AML3D printer


AML3D has announced an order to supply a 3D metal printing ARCEMY system to US Navy submarine component manufacturer, Laser Welding Solutions (LWS).

The order is the first where the ARCEMY wire arc additive manufacturing will be used in the wider US Navy supply chain, allowing LWS to supply Nickle Aluminium Bronze (“NAB”) components to the US Navy’s Submarine Industrial base.

To date AML3D has reported success in selling the ARCEMY system as well as prototype components for testing in the US submarine supply chain.

Thye latest sale is for the 2600 Edition ARCEMY system which is the company’s smallest industrial scale 3D printing machine.

LWS will lease the system for 12 months with the option to buy, which de-risks their entry into ARCEMY production and allows them to be part of the 3D printed NAB alloy testing to US Navy standards program.

The lease is valued at$270,000 including a 12 month software license, giving LWS an option to buy the equipment.

The ARCEMY system will be airfreighted from AML3D’s Melbourne factory to LWS in Houston, Texas where it will be operational in eight to 10 weeks.

AML3D CEO Sean Ebert said: “It is exciting to see the commercial benefits flowing from our deepening relationship(s).”

LWS is also a supplier to the US oil and gas sector, which may be another opportunity for AML3D in future.

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