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Ampcontrol announces record apprentice intake for 2024

Manufacturing News

Electrical  engineering group Ampcontrol has announced a record intake of 55 apprentices across its operations for 2024.

The apprentices employed are in electrical, fabrication, mechanical fitting and machining trades, with 38 of them starting in NSW, nine in Queensland and eight in WA. 

“We are excited to be welcoming 55 new apprentices into our business and supporting these individuals in an environment that fosters ongoing learning and development, training, and progression,” said Mikhaila Halford, Ampcontrol Workforce Solutions Manager. 

“In 2024, we will also expand our established career pathway programs to include cadetships and school-based apprenticeships. The variety of avenues provides opportunities for undergraduates and high school students to gain the skills and experience to support a successful STEM career.” 

Ampcontrol announced in October that it expects to hire another 200 in manufacturing roles in the following 18 months as the country’s largest privately-owned electrical engineering firm delivers on major contracts for BHP, Western Power and others. 

Ampcontrol’s CPS National has been named key delivery partner for 101 stand-alone power systems to Western Power, reportedly Australia’s largest single roll-out of SPS.

Alex Stamenkovski, Ampcontrol Graduate Engineer, said, “I’ve been involved in stand-alone power systems integrated with hydrogen technology and large-scale renewable projects. 

“At Ampcontrol, we work at the forefront of the electrification of Australian mining, which will only grow as mines move away from diesel. The Graduate Program has provided me with valuable opportunities to apply my skills in renewable energy in a rewarding and meaningful way.”

Ampcontrol’s Leigh Stefanszyn, Executive General Manager- People and Engagement, said there was a need for more Australian tradespeople to be trained to work in the energy transition.

“It is estimated over the next seven years, we will be upwards of 44,000 tradespeople short to help us on the clean energy path that we’re currently on,” said Stefanszyn. 

“Coming into Ampcontrol Career Pathway Programs now is vitally important to prepare those skills for the next five to seven years and beyond.”

Ampcontrol is Australia’s largest privately-owned electrical engineering company, employs nearly 1,000 people, and was founded in 1968. It was majority-owned by Washington H. Soul Pattinson since 2005, and became 100 per cent owned by WHSP last year.

Picture: (left to right) CEO Rod Henderson; 2024 Apprentices; and Andrew van Der Stelt, Apprentice & Trainee Coordinator (supplied.)

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