AnteoTech battery tech headed for EV batteries


Clean energy technology company AnteoTech has revealed that its battery anode technology is to be incorporated into prototype batteries being developed by a major electric vehicle manufacturer.

The company, which recently held discussions with battery manufacturers at the 14th international Advanced Automotive Battery Conference (AABC) in Strasbourg, France, met with the project management team from the battery division of a global electric vehicle manufacturer, dubbed ‘EV1’, which has been evaluating the use of Anteo XTM technology.

AnteoTech told investors: “EV1 has confirmed that use of Anteo XTM in their anodes both reduces their input costs and improves the performance of their proprietary anode.

“As a result of this successful validation, EV1 have advised they will now incorporate Anteo XTM into the prototyping process for their next generation batteries, to further validate Anteo XTM in the next stage of the battery development process.”

The technology covers a proprietary high silicon anode, made with unrefined silicon which offers advantages of size, weight and cost, according to the company.

AnteoTech CEO and Managing Director David Radford said the company was now benefiting from the marketing initiatives that have been in put in place across the battery market and was becoming recognised as a serious player within the transition to high silicon anodes.

Radford said: “To have a leading car manufacturer proceed to prototyping evaluation in a very short time frame, based on outstanding results generated by our technical team, is testament to the potential that Anteo X offers manufacturers seeking higher energy density from a cost effective solution.”

The battery prototyping process will be facilitated with the major cell manufacturer that currently supplies batteries to EV1.

“The cell manufacturer has already been advised by EV1, and a tripartite meeting with AnteoTech and EV1 teams will be held in Europe in the coming weeks to co-ordinate the production of battery cells incorporating Anteo X for testing by EV1.

“EV1 advises that it remains on track for their targeted design freeze by the end of the calendar year.”

AnteoTech also met with management of its second electric vehicle potential customer or ‘EV2’, who have confirmed they wish to accelerate the move to higher silicon anodes.

Follow-up face to face meetings are planned for mid-June.

“The sales funnel of opportunities for AnteoTech has been further developed as a result of meetings with three additional electric vehicle manufacturers from Europe.”

Picture: AnteoTech

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