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ARID launches bushfire detection and protection system

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Industrial design and product development group ARID has collaborated with fire protection solutions company Embarr over the past two years to conceptualise, develop, test, and manufacture the just-launched Argus bush fire automated fire sprinkler control system.

The innovative monitoring and fire suppression control solution is aimed at safeguarding properties in bush fire-prone regions, according to ARID.

The company said: “We are thrilled to announce that the Argus system is now in full production in Adelaide and available for purchase.

“Notably, it has already been successfully deployed in over 50 locations across Australia.”

The Argus system operates as a 24/7 sentry, providing comprehensive 360-degree monitoring for homes and other valuable assets.

When a fire threat is detected, the system swiftly triggers controlled bursts of sprinklers to dampen the surroundings, impeding the progress of combustion.

Embarr founder Graham Pole said: “I know from my CFS experience that during a bushfire, local fire authorities will protect life first, properties second and then proceed to contain the fire threat.

“When properties are appropriately protected, owners are more likely to leave the area and not attempt to return home, reducing the potential for loss of human life and allowing the fire authorities to focus on controlling the bushfire.”

Embarr’s patented Argus technology uses a range of sensors to constantly monitor the environment around a property and is able to detect small fires created from embers as well as incoming fire-fronts.

According to ARID: “Proprietary bushfire threat escalation algorithms automatically switch your sprinkler system on and off in response to the bushfire threat.

“As the danger escalates, the automated system seamlessly transitions to full-flow mode, ensuring a robust defense by engaging the entire fire sprinkler network.

“Once the threat diminishes, the system continues to intermittently pulse the sprinklers until the danger is entirely averted.”

Importantly for Australian conditions, the Argus system conserves water, optimising its utilisation for more effective firefighting.

Picture: ARID

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