@AuManufacturing CEO session for National Manufacturing Week

No country can have a viable manufacturing sector without a machine tool industry.

That machines are the foundation of the sector is a concept well understood in the past, but little appreciated by political or even many business leaders today.

@AuManufacturing will host a CEO roundtable at National Manufacturing Week 2019 that explores our machinery manufacturing sector, posing the question of what it takes to succeed in this extraordinarily competitive sector.

Prior to World War Two the government nurtured embryonic machine tool factories that were quickly expanded to meet the needs of defence, and that served us well in the post-war boom that saw manufacturing grow to be 25 per cent of Gross Domestic Product.

However with cuts to protection from the 1970s, many machine tool makers succumbed to falling orders and a stop-start market, only to be revived two decades later by a new generation of leaders taking advantage of innovation and changes in technology.

This year’s National Manufacturing Week will feature a number of vigorous, competitive and globally relevant machine tool makers.

@AuManufacturing has drawn four CEO members of its Australian Manufacturing Forum Linkedin group who epitomise all that is exciting and competitive about the sector:

# Grant Anderson, director, Sutton Tools, and former CEO ANCA Group

# Alf Taylor, co-founder and CEO, TNA Solutions

# Byron Kennedy, CEO, SPEE3D

# and Barry Hendy, managing director, ADDE

The roundtable session, hosted by editor, Peter Roberts takes place in the Industry 4.0 Theatre on Tuesday 14 May from 1.45 pm.

This is one of two sessions hosted by @AuManufacturing editors at NMW 2019 – the second on onshoring, is hosted by editor, Brent Balinski.

Picture: TNA Solutions/ultra-high speed tna robag 5 and case packer

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