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AUSROAD takes undisclosed stake in startup Jevons Robotics

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Perth mining automation company Jevons Robotics has announced that Ausroad Manufacturing, a maker of specialist road maintenance and mine support vehicles, has become a strategic investor.

In a statement on Tuesday, Jevons said that the pair were now poised to “embark on a series of collaborative projects in the coming years”. The size of the investment was not shared.

Todd Peate, CEO of Jevons Robotics said, “we share a common interest in the adoption of advanced engineering and technology to deliver highly productive and safe solutions for our customers and we look forward to working with the AUSROAD team given their extensive experience and world leading stemming solutions”. 

Jevons was established in 2022 and specialises in “robust, wheeled vehicle solutions” for hazardous minesite environments.

Its robots can transport payloads including explosives, stemming material, geophysical sensors, and drilling fluids.

AUSROAD’s Managing Director Toni Dunlop added that the mining industry is clearly moving “to automate and decarbonize their operations over time,” and the investment in Jevons “is built on the fact that under this model, the two organisations will focus their core capabilities and the clear vision that the team at Jevons have”. 

Jevons was awarded a $1 million Accelerating Commercialisation grant in March last year to support development of ROEVA. Roeva was described as a “world first, autonomous, electric battery vehicle which will initially be used in the delivery of explosives, blast quality assurance and delivery of stemming.”

Picture: Jevons’ Automated Rugged Terrain Electric Vehicle (supplied)

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