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Australian company launches high-tech sleep monitoring product

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Sleeptite has announced REMi, a system with sensors, data analytics and user interface enabling non-invasive monitoring of health and other data in aged care settings.

The product is moving into field trials and manufacturing, according to a release from Sleeptite. It is the result of a CRC-P round 5 project announced mid-2018, with a $1.5 million grant and a collaborative project between RMIT, Sleeptite and Sleepeezee Bedding Australia. 

The invention is able to detect the presence or absence of a person in bed, but also “vital information about their position on the mattress which will allow them to detect signs of abnormality or potential health risks, such as their state of sleep or distress, as well as providing valuable insights in the understanding or prevention of falls” according to a statement from the company.

It uses electronics developed at RMIT, integrated into a mattress cover, as well as a backend platform to analyse data and a “front-end user interface where the valuable insights for the aged care workforce” are presented.

The flexible, stretchable sensors and advanced manufacturing processes developed by Sleepeezee are what separates the solution from other aged care monitoring solutions, according to Seeptite.

“REMi takes the data that we extract from the person, from the environment in an aged care bedroom – whether it’s at home or whether it’s in a facility – and sorts out what is valuable to the user that needs that information,” said Cameron van den Dungen, CEO at Sleeptite.

“Whether it’s the carers wanting to know that wherever their attention is turned they have a safety net behind them monitoring all residents, or their loved ones wanting to feel reassured at all times, or a CEO, or a board making a decision based on benchmark of care or the standard of care in multiple sights.”

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