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Australian cultured quail hits Singapore tables

Manufacturing News

Australian cultured meat manufacturer Vow is to launch its Forged meat product in Singapore following regulatory approval.

The company took to social media and said: “We’re the first Australian company approved to sell cultured meat.

“Available now in Singapore – introducing Forged Parfait – not an imitation of chicken or beef, but a new flavour and texture combination altogether.”

Forged parfait is billed as cultured Japanese Quail, and will be served at Singapore’s private club Mandala Club from April 12 as part of a seven course Japanese omakae menu.

Four cultured quail dishes will feature on the menu ranging from ‘Forged brûlée to an A5 Hokkaido wagyu sando’.

According to Vow, Forged makes flavours and textures of meat that previously didn’t exist by selecting the perfect cells to grow.

The company explored hundreds of different species and found that cultured Japanese quail provided a rich umami flavour.

“We wanted to create something wildly delicious and previously unachieved – a meat we haven’t seen on our plates before.

“Our ambition was to bring a flavour and texture combination together you couldn’t get anywhere else – a delightful contradiction that is both rich and delicate at once.”

Picture: Vow

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