BAE Systems reveals hypersonic research – video


BAE Systems Australia has revealed it is involved in research into the young field of hypersonic vehicles capable of travelling at greater than Mach 5.

The company took to social media to reveal that its newly established Red Ochre Labs would research hypersonics, which BAE Systems described as ‘a challenging and extremely fast area of aerospace’.

Hypersonics is the cutting edge of missile technology with Russia beating the United States to deploy hypersonic cruise missiles that are extremely difficult to intercept.

BAE Systems released an Australian Defence Force video (below) showing the launch of HIFiRE, a hypersonic flight test at the Woomera Range in South Australia.

Earlier this week the federal government announced new Accelerating Commercialisation Grants, including a grant to Queensland firm Hypersonix.

The grant will help develop develop an Australian manufactured hydrogen fuelled scramjet engine, designed to put small satellites into low-level orbit.

Queensland has been a centre of hypersonic research, however BAE Systems has long experience in missile launch and flight control technologies.

Picture: BAE Systems Australia/Project HIFiRE hypersonic flight test at the Woomera Range in SA.

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