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BHP, China Baowu and Monash University form new centre for R&D on decarbonising steelmaking

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Resources giant BHP, Monash University and steelmaker China Baowu have announced that they have formed a new Industry Knowledge Centre, with its initial phase including piloting and plant-scale trials of potential carbon abatement technology for steel production.

In a statement from BHP on Monday, it said it would provide $US 8 million over three years to the initiative, with Baowu contributing in-kind support for the initial phase of work, and the Monash Suzhou Research Institute focussing on administrative duties.

The Industry Knowledge Centre was described as tasked with enabling real-world testing and assessment of CO2 abatement technologies from the blast furnace route for steel production; critically reviewing funding applications from partner institutes “in Australia, China and beyond” and aiming to promote sharing of research and trial outcomes; facilitating assessment of several potential CO2 abatement options in the context of China’s integrated steel plants; and linking academic and industry partners for demonstration and subsequent commercialisation of potential technologies. 

Iron ore is the main ingredient in steelmaking and the biggest contributor to BHP’s revenues.

“This is an important addition to our portfolio mix of research and industry partnerships aimed at developing technologies capable of reducing CO2 emissions from steel production,” said Dr Rod Dukino, BHP Sales & Marketing Sustainability’s Vice President. 

Professor Aibing Yu, Monash University’s Pro Vice-Chancellor and President, added that, “The Industry Knowledge Centre will play an important role in promoting the collaboration between academia and industry and the relationship between Australia and China.”

Picture: credit University of Newcastle

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