Black Sky to aim for the sky in Arnhem Land

Black Sky Aerospace (BSA) will become the first Australian rocket manufacturer to gain priority access to the planned Arnhem Space Centre in the Northern Territory.

The centre is one of a number of competing launch sites planned in Australia with its northern location giving it an advantage for equatorial launches.

Planned by Equatorial Launch Australia, the Arnhem Land centre is also set to host NASA’s first ever launch from a non-government owned site.

Black Sky has successfully launched a commercial payload into space from a site at Westmar, west of Brisbane, and is now preparing to manufacture rocket motors locally, as reported in @AuManufacturing news.

Black Sky director, Blake Nikolic, said: “Launching from the ELA site in the near term will provide our customers with the benefits of being close to the equator.

“In the longer term, it allows us to continue developing nation leading rocket technologies that can carry payloads to orbit and beyond using local expertise and our proven ability to create reliable vehicles.”

CEO of ELA, Carley Scott said:”Increasing access to local vehicle manufacturers is an exciting option for the site.

“We are pleased to provide a launch platform that, we hope, will significantly enhance the growth of opportunities for BSA as a vehicle of choice here and abroad into the future.”

The two companies signed a letter of intent that ensures site planning and development in the Northern Territory considers BSA’s current and future needs.

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