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BluGlass joins US regional innovation hub for wide-bandgap semiconductors

Manufacturing News

ASX-listed compound semiconductor company BluGlass has been named a member of the Commercial Leap Ahead for Wide-bandgap Semiconductors (CLAWS) Hub, an initiative funded through the US government’s CHIPS and Science Act.

CLAWS is one of eight Microelectronics Commons regional innovation hubs announced by the US Department of Defense, which was awarded $US 238 million (about $376 million) through CHIPS to establish these.

These commons are focussed on “bridging and accelerating the lab-to-fab transition” in semiconductor development and mitigating supply chain risks.

CLAWS is led by North Carolina State University, and has been funded to $US 39.4 million (about $62.3) for the base year. Its members are BluGlass, North Carolina State University (Hub Lead), Adroit Materials, Coherent, Wolfspeed, General Electric, North Carolina A&T State University and Kyma.

BluGlass CEO Jim Haden said, “The work we will be contributing to the hub perfectly aligns with BluGlass’ wide-bandgap and extended-wavelength roadmaps and will leverage the benefits of our  proprietary RPCVD technology.” 

Wide bandgap semiconductors, such as indium gallium nitride, offer higher voltage and temperature capacity than  traditional silicon chips, and growing applications in power electronics, radio frequency and other devices.

Picture: credit BluGlass

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