BoQ begins issuing Visa debit cards made of recycled industrial plastic

Bank of Queensland has announced a partnership with manufacturer Placard which it says will see over half a million debit cards made of recycled plastic issued over the next three years.

The cards are made of material that would previously be destined for landfill, according to a statement on Tuesday from BoQ, which said the rollout was the first by an Australian bank.

Initially distribution would be of 150,000 personal and business Visa debit cards, “while the remainder will continue to roll out to customers through new or replacement cards.” 

The proportion of plastic to virgin material is not mentioned in the short statement.

BoQ’s Martine Jager said the initiative would prevent “three and a half tonnes of waste from going to landfill.

“Plastic waste is one of the top three social and environmental issues that concern most Australians so I’m proud that we can do our bit to create a second use for industrial waste,” she said in a statement. 

“This initiative… is a great example of how we can help support our customers in their journey to living more sustainably.

According to its website, Melbourne-based Placard was established in 1987, produces over 100 million cards annually, and is the nation’s “only Secure Plastic Card manufacturer that is accredited by all major schemes.”

The news follows Monday’s announcement of $24 million in federal/state grants to boost recycling capacity in NSW.

As of July 1, exports of mixed waste plastic from Australia have been banned.


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