The economy slows as capital expenditure, R&D fade

Analysis by Peter Roberts Australia’s Productivity Commission has pointed to a deep seated sickness holding back the Australian economy caused by falling levels of company investment and R&D. The Commission’s Productivity Bulletin 2019 just released shows labour productivity rose in 2017/16 by 0.2 per cent. This measure of output per hour worked is way below…

“We’ve only scratched the surface of the opportunity.” An interview with the new AFCG CEO about Geelong’s fibre future

It is hard to think of carbon fibre in Australia and not think of Geelong. It’s a material with countless uses – in cars, sporting goods, exoskeletons and beyond – and Victoria’s second city is home to the scientific, engineering and commercial expertise needed to develop it into the products of tomorrow.

Profiles of success: Aussie AV pioneer urges us to think our way to prosperity

Australia can claim numerous motion picture technology achievements. From the current work of special effects and animation houses Animal Logic and Rising Sun, to the Cineon workstation (which won a Scientific and Technical Oscar) developed at Kodak Melbourne, all the way back to legendary inventor Henry Sutton’s proto-TV.

Peter Roberts – on the road in Tokyo

In Tokyo the night US President Trump arrived to visit Japan’s PM Abe Shinzo and its new emperor I am reminded of Japan’s great contribution to the 20th century. Great technologies, work systems, great companies rose and fell and Australia was part of that history, especially through our trade with Japan and security relationship with…

NMW and Austech chart a revival in Australian machine tool manufacturing

Analysis by Peter Roberts No country can hope to have a sustainable manufacturing sector without the ability to make its own industrial machines, and Australia is no exception. Australia’s premier manufacturing and machine tools exhibitions kicked off in Melbourne today, demonstrating renewed vitality in Australian made equipment. Austech, the leading advanced manufacturing and machine tool…