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Clearvue’s glazing technology to feature in Australian made windows

Manufacturing News

Clearvue, a Western Australian-headquartered developer of solar photovoltaic glazing technology for windows, has announced an agreement with Safety Glass, representing Clearvue’s first manufacturing and distribution deal in its home country.

In a statement, the company called the three-year deal on its integrated glazing units a “significant new business step forward” for its technology, which sits between two or more panes of glass in a window. This film absorbs sunlight and radiates the energy to solar strips around the window edges, with solar energy then converted into electricity.

ClearVue said it will retain supply rights alongside MS Glass in Western Australia, South Australia and the Northern Territory. 

“This agreement formalises the relationship between ClearVue and MS Glass built over the last 18 months,” said ClearVue Technologies global chief executive officer Martin Deil.

“MS Glass was one of four glass processors globally who shared their production facilities and industry knowledge with us, helping us understand IGU manufacture and enabling us to design a product that integrates seamlessly into existing production lines.”

According to Clearvue, minimum performance criteria will include the payment of a $500,000 licence renewal fee to allow for the use of its new partner’s trademark branding on products sold.

Safety Glass, which trades as MS Glass, will supply either back to the company or to other projects outside Australia.

Last year Clearvue was awarded a $2 million grant under WA government’s Investment Attraction Fund to onshore production of photovoltaics (PV) and nanoparticle components, enabling it to make its solar PV strips inhouse.

Picture: credit ClearVue Technologies

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