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Collaboration develops mining extraction equipment

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Three SME mining technology companies have partnered to develop an Enhanced Machine Retrieval Safety system for recovering underground mining equipment.

The Western Australian companies, HARD-LINE, Murray Engineering, and Beltor Engineering combined their expertise in the area of retrieval to develop a quicker, safer, and more productive solution to recover vehicles buried in rubble.

Beltor provides the Mine Extraction Device (MED) with a pulling power of 360 tonnes. This is remotely operated using HARD-LINE’s Radio Remote Control (RRC) by a specially trained extraction team from Murray Engineering.

Beltor Extraction Specialist, Ben Robinson said: “The remote Beltor Machine Extraction Device is an easy-to-use unit which makes the retrieval process safer for operators, and much more streamlined and efficient.

“Depending on conditions, it only takes two to five days to pull a machine safely from the rubble compared to outdated methods which can take weeks.

“The unique partnership of the three companies has resulted in a cutting-edge retrieval process which allows operators to stand away from the line of fire and complete the extraction from a safe distance.”

Some of the common extraction methods include using other mining equipment such as loaders and haul trucks to pull out the buried machines.

These methods could present several problems such as vehicle and mine damage, or they may put operators and spotters in unsafe situations.

Beltor Engineering managing director Mark Beletich said: “There has always been a need for stronger and safer extraction devices.

“With this economically-viable method, ore production can get back on track with minimal delays.”

The extraction equipment can be operated remotely from a safe distance of up to 100 metres away with critical data and live video.

HARD-LINE’s Senior VP of Technology, Ryan Siggelkow said the company’s radio remote control was built 25 years ago for all types of heavy machinery and has been fitted tro more than 200machines.

Siggelkow said: “We are proud to add another machine type that our remotes have successfully operated.”

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