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Council looks to textile recycling trials

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MidCoast Council in NSW says it will soon focus on textile recycling, and will seek grant funding and partnerships for trials.

The council on the state’s mid-north coast announced that a recent report on possible textile recycling at waste management sites won the support of councillors.

As a result, the council would seek $50,000 in grant funding for a trial that would include the purchase of a baler, receptacles and signage, and discuss options of baling mattress foam and textile material for recycling with contractors. JR Richards & Sons

“On the MidCoast alone, we receive about 2,070 tonnes of textiles through our waste management facilities, every year,” explained Council’s Director of Liveable Communities, Paul De Szell.

“Textile decomposition can take up to 200 years and during that time these materials leach out harmful chemicals such as ammonia and methane, creating significant environmental harm.

“Textile recycling is an important component of the way we manage our waste, and following the support of Councillors, we will be updating our waste management strategy to reflect that we need to look at better ways to recycle our textiles.”

The news follows Bathurst Regional Council’s textile three-month recycling trial earlier this year.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about a quarter of the 800,000 tonnes of textile, leather and rubber waste thrown out in 2019/19 ended up in landfill.


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