CSIRO, Swinburne to study steel, metals decarbonisation


CSIRO and Swinburne University of Technology have established a new partnership to tackle global decarbonisation through research into green steel and mineral processing research and development.

The collaboration will build research capability to help industry investigate low-emission steel technologies to guide future demonstrations and industry development, according to CSIRO.

The ‘Sustainable Mineral Processing and Green Steel Program’ partnership will address net zero challenges for the mineral resources industry, including developing low-carbon routes for iron, steel and critical metals, as well as improving recycling technologies.

Steelmakers BlueScope and Liberty are already moving to decarbonise their operations, with the federal government yesterday announcing grants of $200 million to the two companies.

The partnership is chaired by Swinburne’s Professor Geoffrey Brooks, who won the Bessemer Gold Medal in 2023 for his contributions to more sustainable steelmaking, with CSIRO’s Process Decarbonisation Research Group Leader Keith Vining responsible for managing CSIRO’s research effort on sustaining Australia’s iron ore sector.

CSIRO’s Dr Suneeti Purohit and Swinburne’s Professor Akbar Rhamdhani will also play a role.

Professor Brooks said: “I’m expecting Swinburne and CSIRO to play a key role in Australia’s drive towards green steel and producing critical metals in a sustainable manner. It’s a great time for innovation and implementing new ideas.”

Vining said the two organisations had partnered in this field for many years, with now right time to amplify those efforts.

As part of Swinburne’s Net Zero 2025 Pathways, the university has invested in researchers from minerals characterisation, minerals processing, pyrometallurgy and materials recycling.

Swinburne Chief Scientist Professor Virginia Kilborn said the university was linked to CSIRO in a ‘vast range’ of research areas.

“Green steel makes up a key part of Swinburne’s flagship research area ‘Innovative Planet’.

“This partnership is another active step taken by Swinburne towards global decarbonisation to achieve net zero.”

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