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Elexon Electronics being reborn after fire

Manufacturing News

Brendale Queensland manufacturer Elexon Electronics has updated customers on its recovery after a fire damaged its factory and warehouse.

CEO Frank Faller wrote to customers to say that the recovery process was moving forward at a pace that has exceeded initial expectations.

Faller said: “With a big sigh of relief, we can report that a significant portion of our stock has been preserved, thanks to the combined efforts of our dedicated teams.

“Fortunately, our IT infrastructure is back up and running, ensuring the continuity of our digital operations.”

Elexon is involved in the design, development and manufacturing of a diverse range of electronic products for niche export markets, included its own branded products and those manufactured for external OEMs.

Tracing its history back to 1992, the Elexon group emcompasses five businesses – Elexon Electronics, Elexon Mining, TPS, Titley Scientific and Ambler Systems.

Faller said: “As we work our way to recovery, we are delighted to share with you that our manufacturing facility’s restoration process is underway.

“We have secured a lease on a new building, which is in proximity to our existing facility here in Brendale.

“We will start moving parts and equipment to the new location, commencing this week.

“Work on the plans for the fit-out for the production area has commenced with the builder on standby to commence work as soon as plans are finalised.”

Fuller said the company’s equipment suppliers were sourcing replacement machines ‘with short lead times’.

Picture: Elexon Electronics/equipment is being moved to a new facility

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