EOS adds ‘dazzler’ to remote weapon station


Defence manufacturer Electro Optic Systems has unveiled a laser Dazzler and anti-drone laser weapon system to its R800 large remote weapon station.

Launched at INDO PACIFIC 2023 International Maritime Exposition, the new combination is aimed at countering air and seaborne threats.

The laser Dazzler is a non-ballistic countermeasure against uncrewed aerial and seaborne threats, adding optic-dazzling, disabling, and disengaging capability to the R800.

Vice President Sales and Business Development for EOS Defence Systems Scott Hicks said EOS had demonstrated the superior accuracy and counter-drone capabilities of its Slinger RWS system which is supplied to Ukraine.

Hicks said: “The laser Dazzler builds on this experience using cutting-edge Australian-designed technology to extend options for non-lethal payloads.

“It is not merely an enhancement to our capabilities; it reflects the lessons learnt from modern warfare in utilising non-lethal effects in built up areas and the innovative drive that characterises EOS as we tackle the growing employment of drones in a wide range of contemporary operating environments across the globe.”

Adding the Dazzler to the R800’s traditional 30mm cannon and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, provides operators a ange of kinetic and non-kinetic response options.

The laser Dazzler has been designed and developed in Australia specifically for export markets, with a focus on addressing contemporary and emerging uncrewed aerial and surface vessel threats based on lessons learned in recent conflicts, such as Ukraine.

At the same time EOS signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Cratos as its representative in New Zealand for EOS’ suite of Remote Weapon Systems.

Hicks said: “EOS, as a sovereign Australian defence company, is proud to partner with a sovereign New Zealand defence company to support and foster industry with our close allies.”

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Picture: Electro Optic Systems

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