EOS develops containerised weapons system

Canberra defence, space and communications business Electro Optics Systems has developed a containerised of its R400 remote weapons station.

To date the system, which enables a soldier to fire cannon, machine guns and missiles from a protected location, has only been used on mobile, armoured vehicles.

Now EOS Defence Systems USA has demonstrated a containerised version (main picture and below), where the weapons platform rises from a hatch in what looks like a conventional shipping container.

Once exposed, the EOS system can engage a target, with the operator secure in a distant location such as a command bunker.

EOS describes this as “customisable containezised lethality”.

EOS Defence Systems USA ceo Phil Coker is quoted in a promotional video saying: “Precision is a necessity, not a luxury.

“Transportable lethality & precision….counters all current and emerging ground threats.”

The system can be armed with the .50 calibre machine gun or the XM914 30mm cannon and is sure to revive controversy about EOS exports.

The company has sold $450 of the remote systems to the UAE, but denies claims the weapons have been used in the bloody civil war in the Yemen.

Picture: EOS Defence Systems USA

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