EOS opens new remote weapon system production line


Defence manufacturer Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has opened a new production line at its Canberra plant to manufacture the company’s new R150 Remote Weapon System (RWS).

The RWS is the lighweight version of the company’s RWS design which allows soldiers to locate, point and fire guns, canon and missiles from inside the safety of an armoured vehicle.

EOS has received more than $200 million in orders in recent months from Ukraine and other nations for the Canberra-made systems.

Larger EOS RWS, such as those used by the Australian Defence Force, have already been provided to Ukraine, and have been integrated with the Australian Bushmaster protected mobility vehicles.

The R150 is the lightest version of the system which is in high demand as it can be mounted on a civilian utility vehicle.

Executive Vice President of EOS Defence Systems Matt Jones said: “I am proud of the innovative, cutting-edge technology that our local employees in the Canberra region, supported by an Australian supply chain, have developed, which has gained recognition on the world stage. The R150 is entirely designed, developed, and manufactured in Australia.

“This remote weapon system will save Ukrainian lives, meeting an urgent operational need, allowing them to defeat the drone threat from within the safety of their vehicles.”

The R150 is unique to the market – stabilised, accurate, and with minimal weight according to the company – with the capability to mount and fire weapons up to 12.7mm calibre on the move and over long range.

An initial batch of 14 R150 gimbals will be provided to the US, with US President Biden announcing that these systems would be delivered to Ukraine as part of the US’ military assistance package.

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Picture: Electro Optic Systems

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