IperionX to co-produce titanium fasteners for US Army


Titanium metal and critical materials manufacturer IperionX and Vegas Fastener Manufacturing have agreed to partner to develop and manufacture titanium alloy fasteners and precision components based on IperionX’s advanced titanium products.

ASX listed IperionX manufactures near-net shape titanium products, semifinished titanium products, spherical titanium powder for additive manufacturing and metal injection molding, as well as angular titanium powder.

Vegas Fastener’s focus is in the development and manufacturing of high-performance fasteners and custom machined components.

The two companies will develop and manufacture titanium alloy fasteners and precision components for the U.S. Army Ground Vehicle Systems Center (GVSC), which is the United States Armed Forces’ research and development facility for advanced technology in ground systems.

GSVC’s research and development includes robotics, autonomy, survivability, power, mobility, intelligent systems, manoeuvre support and sustainment.

The Associate Director U.S. DEVCOM Ground Vehicle Materials Engineering Brandon N. Pender said: “We look at the combination of advanced manufacturing and titanium to help us improve both corrosion mitigation and light-weighting in Army ground vehicles.

“Any relationship that we can pursue to make titanium more affordable, as IperionX can potentially do, is valuable to us. The potential to produce titanium, with all of its capabilities, that is cost-competitive with aluminium and steel only helps us improve the operational performance and readiness of Army ground systems.”

Additionally, the partners will design, engineer and produce titanium fasteners for critical sectors such as the aerospace, naval, oil & gas, power generation, pulp & paper and chemical sectors.

These sectors demand fasteners that provide not only high strength-to-weight ratios but also exceptional corrosion resistance for high-performance applications.

IperionX CEO Anastasios (Taso) Arima said: “The combined strengths and expertise of Vegas Fastener and IperionX will produce innovative solutions for customers and strengthen America’s manufacturing independence.”

Picture: IperionX

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