EPE, Exensor to deliver ground sensor network for NZ Defence Force


The New Zealand subsidiary of defence business EPE has been awarded a contract on reconnaissance and surveillance work for the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF.)

According to a statement from Brisbane-based EPE, EPE New Zealand will deliver the Exensor Flexnet Remote Ground Sensor (RGS) system in collaboration with Bertin Exensor. 

The RGS system is described as combining “intelligence collected by seismic, acoustic, and TI sensors to detect and identify threats and targets” and able to “enhance New Zealand Army situational awareness and support deployed command decision-making  across all echelons of command.” 

EPE will deliver specialist training and through-life support as part of the contract through a Master Supply Agreement.

Andy Cross, General Manager of EPE New Zealand said the NZDF required “demonstrated capacity and capability” to deliver the equipment, training, maintenance and support of the sensor system. 

“As a team, EPE and Exensor have the unique ability to achieve this. We also aim to equip soldiers with technology that not only provides strategic advantage, but also enhances decision-making while safeguarding them from  threats.,” added Cross.

EPE was established in 1998 and is a veteran-owned company specialising in protection and countermeasures against IEDs and other hazards. 

As an extension of its terrestrial work in robotics, it is co-lead of the EPE & Lunar Outpost Oceania Consortium, which is one of two groups competing to build the nation’s first lunar rover.

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