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First Hydrogen from gas produced in WA plant

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Clean technology developer Hazer Group has announced the production of the first hydrogen and graphite at its commercial demonstration plant (CDP) in Perth.

The plant at the Western Australian Water Board’s Woodman Point wastewater treatment plant will be ramped up during Q1, 2024 to achieve full production.

Performance testing will focus on achieving continuous production at a commercial scale.

The Hazer process of methane pyrolysis uses iron ore as a catalyst to produce hydrogen from natural gas or methane sourced from biomass, trapping carbon as graphite in the process.

Hazer’s Managing Director and CEO Glen Corrie said: “This is a landmark achievement for Hazer, as we realise the successful start-up of our CDP and the production of low-cost, low emissions hydrogen and graphite carbon utilising our world-first pyrolysis technology.

“As the team strive towards extended continuous operation of the plant in 2024, we are excited to build on the momentum for the next scale up of the technology with our global partners in key markets, including North America, Europe and Asia.”

Hazer and Chubu Electric Power have announced a partnership that is preparing for the development of a commercial scale, up to 100,000 tonne per annum facility to be built in Japan utilising the Hazer process.

Corrie said the CDP was the culmination of 10 years of research, development and innovation.

“This is an important juncture for (the) Hazer commercialisation strategy.

“Our pipeline of opportunities is growing and with our CPD proving our technology can operate at commercial scale, I’m confident that 2024 will open up further demand for our disruptive technology that can provide clean hydrogen to accelerate global decarbonisation.”

The process was originally developed at the University of Western Australia, with the company in 2016 entering a research partnership with the University of Sydney and its School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.

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Picture: Hazer Group/CDP site, Perth

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